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Know Show Brand Design and Posters

Know Show posters

About the Project

KNOWSHOW is an engaging B2B marketplace where leading lifestyle fashion brands unveil their seasonal products to Canadian retailers. I was invited to do a design that includes a branding package and two posters – summer and winter look, that will be used for web and print use.

I collected all the necessary information via a questionnaire form I have set up for a client. After the questionnaire has been filled out, I created a mood board for their brand. A mood board is an arrangement of images and colors that will project a particular style or concept. The client chose to go with collage-style posters and a playful logo.

While I was creating the mood board, I was also crafting the color palette. I sent color palette ideas to the client to choose from, based on the mood board. Then I started creating concepts for the logo. I always begin on paper, sketching out my ideas. I then take ideas from my sketchbook and create attractive logos in Adobe Illustrator. I provided my clients with three unique designs.

The last step was to create Alternative Logos/Submarks, Logos in a variety of color combinations, Custom Brand Textures and Patterns, Font Combinations, Any extra brand collateral that the client asked for.

winter poster for web
Summer poster final version