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Autoklose Website Redesign

Autoklose responsive

About the Project

Autoklose is one of the top North-American SaaS (Software as a Service), B2B (Business to Business) product for marketers and business professionals, mainly small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). I was invited to help Autoklose to redesign their web presence completely.


The Proccess

I first ran the discovery phase. We went over the existing website, user behavior (around 2k visitors/month), and conducted a handful of user interviews. We concluded that the website is outdated, misleading, with an obvious high churn rate (GA). Then we created a well-defined project scope plan that outlines specific activities and deliverables, along with specific timelines.

After the first weekly sprint, I presented the low-fi frames on paper, and soon after high-fi frames using InVision. After the UX was approved, the next step was to create a visual style. The overall visual style was determined by the visual brand of the company.

With designs approved, it’s time to flesh out the design of the pages, develop new content and refine old content, create illustrations, videos, slideshows, and other media that will appear on the site.

Before the site was launched, it was tested by our internal team.

The final idea was to create a process of familiarity and clear CTAs on every page. The design is minimal and points to testimonials (real-stories). The homepage scores a high conversion rate (over 19%) compared to the similar industry products, and the UX flow is simple and follows the max 3-step to goal rule.

Adding a multi-step button increased the 14-day trial conversions dramatically. Time on the website increased, churn decreased, and conversions and conversations are over 22% total.

Other Design Assets

E-book Design

The first set of responsibilities was to help the marketing department to interview over 50 business leaders and come up with an e-book that is to drive Autoklose’s branding and build trust amongst its prospects.

I managed the whole creative process from collecting the requirements to page outline setup and photography session to-dos for the e-book participants. After researching the market and understanding what drives the downloads, I worked to present the content in an easy to follow

typography, with standard font size and clear, but bold colors using a free space to convey the elegance. The same was true for the landing page which has a clear Call-to-Action. I used Instapage framework for the landing page.

The final solution was a PDF on 50+ pages that in the first 6 months received over 10,000 downloads with $0 spent on ads and the landing page still converts over 44%.