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The Albert Dockhound book

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About the Project

The Mersey tales is a collection of children’s books based out of Liverpool, UK. I was chosen to lead the design side of the project which includes illustrations of the 7 books. The first book was aimed at kids up to 8 years of age.

After setting up the mood board for the book and the initial brand guidelines, I thought that this project was going to be fairly easy. It wasn’t until I went to school and talk to kids, that I managed to understand what drives them to read, explore and learn.

In fact, the process was like designing any other digital asset. You have to understand your target audience, behaviors/emotions that drive decisions. So I began with the early sketches that followed the story. After we tested them and our target group approved them, I would add more context and color to it. The client would then provide the feedback and the implementation would follow.

The final piece was printed in 1000 copies and almost sold out. The concept was proved and we began working on the second book.